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The Tow Away Zone | Lost your vehicle title?


Lost your vehicle title?
October 9, 2022

Lost your vehicle title?

Are you needing to sell your car, but you've lost your original vehicle title?

Did you know you can apply for a certified copy of your vehicle title?  You can mail this form or hand deliver it to your nearest Texas DOT office: 

You'll need proof of ownership.  Here's a list of acceptable government issued photo identification options:

The following are the only acceptable forms of government issued photo ID for an Application for Certified Copy of Texas Title:
The department will accept an identification for up to 12 months after expiration.
If an individual other than the owner(s) is receiving the certified copy of title in-person, a valid photo ID of the recipient must be presented and written on page 1 of this form.
• Driver license or ID issued by a state or territory of the U.S., • Texas handgun license,
• U.S. or foreign passport,
• U.S. military ID,
• North Atlantic Treaty Organization ID,
• ID issued under a Status of Forces Agreement,
• U.S. Department of Homeland Security ID,
• U.S. Department of State ID,
• U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ID document.  

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